How to prepare your bag/box

Make sure all your travel documents are visible on your bag/box.

Attaching shipping documents

The shipping documents contain two sections:

Attach the waybill in plastic walls (shipping envelopes) or with clear tape to the outside of your bag.<br />If you have more than one bag, attach one waybill to each of the other bags.

The waybill copy must be handed to the driver at pickup.

The pickup will not be accepted if instructions are not followed in full!

Shipping envelope

It's a good plan to put the paper in the envelope before removing the back of the envelope (to make it sticky)




Lock bag

If you want to lock your bag we recommend that you do it with a cable tie. If you choose to use a lock please use a combination lock, some destinations may still break a combination lock if your item is required to be inspected by customs which is why we recommend using a cable tie. Broken locks cannot be compensated for.

Bag lock