Yes - you can also ship card box boxes - as you would do with USPS or other postal services.

Use the box symbol in the booking flow and select the box you want to ship.

During DIS drop-off the following boxes will be available upon request (free):

Box nameSizePrice (DIS) to the USA *)Max weight
Box 213in x 7in x 4inUS$422.7lbs
Box 313in x 13in x 4inUS$564.8lbs
Box 413in x 13in x 7inUS$698.6lbs
Box 118in x 13in x 13inUS$12221.4lbs

Sorry, but we are not able to send you these boxes (it's too expensive).

You can buy boxes at Silvan or the post office.

*) The shipping price might change depending on the dollar exchange rate and your actual location in the USA.


Reserve a box to be sure we have a box for you at the drop-off location: