Bag pickup

Prepare your bag

Make sure your bag is ready for travel and your shipping documents are attached to the bag.
Read about attaching shipping documents.

Also, remember that you are not allowed to pack loose batteries, aerosol cans, and medicine in the bag. See the full list of prohibited items.
Further, it is important that you do not pack items in the bag that will give problems in customs.


If you are staying in a safe area you might be able to leave your bag somewhere outside your house where the driver from DHL can find it – otherwise, we have the following requirements:

A Danish phone number for the driver to call would be nice.

Drop off

If you are a DIS student you will be able to drop your bag off at a DIS location on one of the last days of the semester. You can see the actual dates in the booking flow.

It's your own responsibility to book and print the shipping documents, but if you bring your bag to the drop-off location we can assist you in the process (finding the size and weight of your bag and securing the shipping papers on your bag). 

On the day

The driver from DHL will do his very best to pick up your bag in the requested time window, but we can't promise it.

We have no direct way to contact the drivers.

So far all bags have been picked up!
The driver might be a little late because of traffic etc. 
If the driver is more than 30 minutes late - please contact us. 

Pickup is often close to the end of the requested time window.